Got Stains? I Got Something That's Totally Awesome!

Sep 4, 2017

Got Stains? I Got Something That's Totally Awesome!

This is my first post since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. It's a lot going on and we're still battling from that storm and have a long recovery ahead of us. But I wanted to bring you something that will make your recovery process easier. 

This concentrated cleaner is perfect for the Hurricane Harvey Clean Up! This all purpose concentrated cleaner pretty much clean any & everything and removes stains with little effort. Remember because it's a concentrate you definitely want to dilute it especially in water conditions. 

  • Grease
  • Wall Stains
  • Blood Stains 
  • Wine
  • Liquor
  • Gum
  • Oil
  • Coffee
  • Pet Stains
  • Inks
  • Fresh Paint
  • Varnish
  • Hair Dye
  • Makeup Stains
  • Ovens
  • Carpet

  • And More...

When I first encountered this product it was when I was helping move my sister & bro-in-law into their new home and let me tell you that home was so grimy. My bro-in-law pulled this bottle out and I was wondering what it was. And he told me where he got it from. This product removed so much dirt & grime and made everything look almost brand new. As brand new as it can get because it is an older house that has been abused from previous owners. Here is a before & after of the window seal that I cleaned at their new home. 

And now all it needed was a good painting which I did also.

So this is perfect for Homes, Businesses and and Automobiles. 

I recently had a chance to detail my own car because it got some direct water damage from Hurricane Harvey. And not realizing as I was driving home from work that Saturday in flood waters that water got inside the car with me. I didn't realize it until 4 days later when I was going to go volunteer at NRG Center and I was smelling something more like old sitting water. And that's when I found out that in my back seat water got inside the car. So I had to do some major detailing. All I used was Totally Awesome & some Lysol Wipes. 

I want to show you a snippet of me using this product on the ceiling of my car to remove makeup and oil stains. Just so you can see with your own eyes how it works.

So go ahead and ditch all of your millions of cleaning supplies and get you some LA's Totally Awesome All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner. It's inside Dollar Tree and retails for only $1.00. We can all afford $1.

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