How To Style Your Bedside Table

Jan 5, 2018

How To Style Your Bedside Table

Bed side tables are the most used and sometimes abused furniture piece in the house. This surface is where you will find snacks, water, your keys, your phone, books, jewelry, bill statements medicine... You name it, it's probably there. I believe that everything should have a place. When I was growing up I was used to seeing clutter. My home wasn't messy it's just every square inch of wall space was taken up by some furniture piece which to me gave a cluttered feel.  Every surface was used and claimed ESPECIALLY the end tables and Bedside tables. There were things there that shouldn't be there. I believe our homes are sacred and it should a place where we can come and relax. Clutter makes it hard to relax. Even when you sleep you still feel tired. 

I'm going to share with you how to style your bedside table like a pro and make it functional for your needs but stylish at the same time. 


Every bedside table need some form of light source. Something that can provide adequate lighting to be able to see.  I like to add a variation of height when styling my bedside table. Most times my lamps is the tallest item on my bedside table.. You can find very affordable lamps in many places. I picked mines up from Ross Dress For Less. Ross is one of my favorite places to shop for affordable and stylish furniture, decor and more. This tall lamp was only $18 which is an amazing price point for a lamp of this size and style. I also got a additional discount on it because the switch was broken. Something I could fix. So if you see any malfunctions always ask for an additional discount. I guarantee you they will honor it unless it's marked down for clearance. Most times if the markdown is 50-60% they may not honor another discount but it doesn't hurt to ask. If you have a small table opt for a sconce so you can maximize the space to accessorize your table. 

I'm not much of a reader like that but I won't deny I like to look at books. And for the most part most of us are reading something. Or maybe you don't read often you may write. Either way books are a great way to style your bedside table and add texture, style and height. It's also a great stationary. When styling your table with books. you want to be careful with how you style it according to the proportion of your table. You don't want to soak up your whole table with books. You want to be able to add a bit more accessories. Books are also great to add accessories on top of as I did in photo below. It serves as a shelf. You can purchase nice decorative books from places like Five Below, Dollar Tree, Family Dollars, 99 Cents Store Only. Those are place I like to shop for small nick nacks, 

Faux Flowers, Vase, ornaments inside vase and owl from 99 Cents Only Store

It's no mystery that I love flowers and I love to make floral arrangements.  I believe flowers add life to the space and texture. And I think it's important to incorporate some natural element when styling your bedside table even if it's not real. Because my space is dark and I don't get much sunlight I opt for synthetic flowers. But there are low maintenance natural elements like succulents that doesn't require a lot of light and water. Still I opt for synthetic plants because I like to have control. I like to shop at Dollar Tree & the 99 Cents Only for my vases, and flowers. They most times come in clusters so I like to customize and cut the stems to make it more organic looking. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Also when I use to work for Krogers I use to buy fresh flowers when they were clearanced off. So be sure to check out the deals that's available for you. 


Candles are something that's a must for me. I have them all over my space. It's a great small item that adds another natural element to your bedside table. I love how it makes my table looks, I love how it smells, and love how it makes me feel. I don't know anyone that doesn't like candles. Candles are a great way to meditate. It has a calming effect because of its kinetic energy that it sends through it's motions. Candles in my opinion is essential to have in your space on your bedside table. I purchase many of my candles from Ross. 

Bedside table at Ross for $35 | Owl I got from 99 Cents Only Store

Small items can be jewelry bowls, it may be candles for you, it may be something that you truly love. I think it's important to have something that represents your style that's small and can fit in the palm of your hands. I love owls. Anybody that's been friends with me or have been keeping up with me probably will know that. I have them all over my space. I wear them as jewelry, I have coffee mugs with owls, I have floral owl vases, so it's only right to have a owl on my bedside Since it's a great part of my style. Owls are very symbolic to me and I want go into what they represent. I think it's important to have something that you love and represents your style on your bedside table. I love flowers, I love candles and I love owls. 

What are some things that you must have on your bedside table?

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