Valentine's Day Bedroom Reveal

Feb 8, 2018

Valentine's Day Bedroom Reveal

I'm not much into pagan holidays but I must admit as an artist I love to be creative and because I've been getting back into Home Decor I thought it would be fun to share how I updated my space for Valentine's Day in the most affordable way. Valentine's Day decor doesn't have to be your typical frilly nilly decor with hearts all over the place, pink & red themed. It can be something that can remain a part of your space and age appropriate. So today I'm revealing how I added a touch of love to my space.

If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I love flowers but you must also know I prefer Synthetic flowers because although I have a window I don't get much sunlight in there to nourish plants so I personally opt for synthetics for maintenance purposes. I have flowers and plants all over the place in my space because plants creates a sense of  balance and vibrant energy.

So the first thing you will notice is probably a difference in my mantle feature over the bed or maybe it's the bed? Oh well we're going to start  with the mantle piece. 

There's a lot that has changed on my mantle...let's try everything! From left to right....
This mantle piece definitely got an major upgrade and what I said about the frilly nilly valentine's decor I promise you that you won't see anymore imitation candy hearts. I thought it was cute and now I have something to pull out every year. This is also a great gift. I can recycle the flowers into another vase after the Valentine's Day holiday. 

As you can see my bed definitely got a major makeover. Can you feel the love in this room!? Blush tones add the perfect amount of contrast. 

A little close up on my table tray that I found at Target for only $5. What a steal! Also you must know every floral arrangement that you see in these photos were created by me. 


Another transformation was definitely my bedside table. TOTAL SPRING VIBES Right? I pulled out my marble slab that I got from Home Depot and placed it as the new surface to lighten the space. Added a oversized photo which you can't see much of but i do feel that it gets rid of some of that negative space on the wall.. 

A space inspired by love doesn't have to be so cheesy neither does it have to be expensive. This is a space I didn't spend much money on but I put a lot of love and thought into it. And it's also a space that I feel I don't have to change as the holidays changes. 

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