6 Bullet Journaling Benefits

Apr 24, 2018

6 Bullet Journaling Benefits

If you are thinking about getting into Bullet Journaling than you have made a wonderful decision. Bullet Journaling is a creative way to not only jot down your thoughts but it keeps you organized and aligned with your goals and aspirations and it's also therapeutic. Many with anxiety & depression bullet journal and have gotten great results from doing it. But I'm talking about bullet journaling from a business aspect.

I recently had the privilege of attending the San Antonio Marketing Mastermind hosted by Grow My Brand and at that retreat that's when I realize I do not journal enough. In fact I don't journal at all and I had to change that! Before that I wasn't much of a journaler, but I discovered how important it is as a business entrepreneur to jot down my thoughts and visions. Great way to declutter my mind! Journaling teaches me how to prioritize my time and to be intentional and to align everything with my goals and visions in life. It teaches about whats most important to me.  

A photo from our Journaling session.
My Journal book that I purchased at Gordmans

You will find out that No bullet journals are the same because they're a representation of you and your goals which makes it YOUnique! So there is no wrong way to create your BuJo, There is no pressure because Bullet Journals are not planners nor are they to do lists. DEATH OF TO-DO LISTS! 

Why Bullet Journaling?

1. Bullet Journaling Allows Me To Be True To Self 
As I said before, no bullet journals are the same because they're a representation of you and your goals, your aspirations which makes it YOUnique. There are no rules to this! There is no stress. There are no un-done tasks. I

2. Bullet Journaling Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Let's face it being an entrepreneur can be stressful and many get anxiety from the thought of failing and the stress from the amount of work that has to be done. Sometimes its too much which is why "To-Do-Lists" should be put to death because they're unrealistic and you find yourself piling more things on the list only to feel that nothing has gotten accomplished. Bullet Journaling wipes away the stress and anxiety and helps you focus on what truly matters.It helps you determine your role and helps you decide what you should delegate and you set goals for each role. You make time for whats important to you and align them with your goals. Then anything else outside of your goals can be added on the calendar IF you have that time available. 

3. No Time Is Being Wasted
Look, your goals are your goals and the time that you use should be towards your goals and anything else would have to wait because time is of an essence. With Bullet Journaling you will find out how important your goals are and you will be more and more inspired to meet every goal that you have on the list. So prioritizing is important when you bujo. And if you carry you bujo with you like you use to carry your planner I guarantee you that you will be a lot more productive with your time and accomplishing your goals. This is definitely about Time Management. 

4. Learn About Yourself
Bullet Journaling is a great way to learn your habits and create new ones that align with your goals. With traditional planners because they're so generic it's hard to learn about yourself. But when you create your own, when tracking your habits you're able to physically see what you are doing whether it be your eating habits, your health routine, how you spend your money, how you spend your overtime. You will know it because you will jot down everything there of what you did throughout the day. 

5. Your List In One Place
There are a lot of thoughts that runs through our minds on a daily basis. It can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes with these thoughts we get excited about them which it's nothing wrong with that. Businesses are formed through thoughts and visions.  Jot down all of your thoughts and prioritize them and see if they align with your goals. Everything else can be put on the waiting list. But at least your thoughts are down on paper so you can refer back to them when you have that time on your calendar available if it's important enough to you. 

6. It Becomes Your Accountability Partner
What do we have accountability partners for? We have them to keep us on track of our goals and to inspire us. Consider your BuJo as your accountability partner. It shows you your strengths and the areas where you need to work a bit harder on. You learn more about yourself and habits and how they align to your goals. Sometimes it lets you know that hey maybe you need to add a bit more vitamins to your diet for energy, or drink more water, or exercise to increase your metabolism and energy so I can be more productive. It's so good to be able to look back and track yourself, smiling because you are doing all of this on your own. You are keeping yourself accountable for every action you do day to day. 


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