Apr 26, 2018


Hey Fam, I'm back with another blog post! When I said I was going live with a new post a day, I was not lying! Today I'm bringing you a review of something that I've been constantly using for 5 months and I think it's time to talk about it.  This is the Pixi beauty Matte Last Liquid Lip Treats. 

In December of 2017 I received one of the most beautiful-LEST PR Packages that reminded me of a "Once Upon A Time" themed storybook. Very Dreamy I must say! It contained skin treats & the Matte Last Liquid Lip Treats which I will be talking about today. Can I get a what WHAT!

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Now available in 6 Shades. I currently have five shades but the prettiest pink shade was added to this collection. These lip colors in regards to performance are very pigmented, they last long and they are comfortable on the lips. 

The Pixi-Petal applicator provides even coverage and it allows you to apply quickly with one swipe because of the size of the applicator. The applicator wand does have some flexibility to it which I think makes it ergonomically friendly. It may take some time getting use to if you are a person that likes to have more control but I think you will adjust fast because it requires no effort. 

As mentioned I received these products in December so I've been using it for a good amount of time and honestly, these are my go to because I love the formula and how it applies and wears on my lips. I think on average you may get 5-6 hours before you start to see the color start to fade but they wear beautifully. Even after you see some decent wear it starts to look more like a stain.  If you have texture and fine lines on your lips what I love about these matte lip treats is the fact they don't showcase the texture. It's almost like they add a veil or filtered layer on your lips.

I personally prefer matte lip creams but I've had my experiences where the lip cream would start to get crusty, break-up into this nasty texture. But these lip treats are the total opposite which is why it has become my go to!

Another thing I can say about these liquid matte lip treats...They are brown girl friendly. So they work for all skin tones. 

Here are some swatches! I love all of them but the three I tend to wear the most are Matte Beige, Au Naturelle, & Evening Rose. 

Wearing Au Naturelle

Wearing Matte Beige & Evening Rose

Right Here I have on Au Naturelle
 Overall these are some of the best matte liquid lipsticks and I highly recommend them. You can find them HERE for $14

What are your thoughts on this formula? Will you be trying them out? If you do tag me on Instagram. By the way...Are you following me?

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