5 Tips On How To Create Gorgeous Photos On A Budget

Oct 16, 2018

5 Tips On How To Create Gorgeous Photos On A Budget

Last week I had the opportunity to take some fresh photos for content and branding purposes. YAY for me! Now if you've been following me for a good amount of time you may know this...Faith doesn't take many professional photos of herself. Yes you see selfies and photos that I take of myself obviously as a beauty & lifestyle blogger and with that, you see my face a lot but it's not only easier and comfortable for me to do it by myself but it's also more affordable because right now I have a budget and can't exactly hire a photographer everytime I need photos done. I do want to express that imagery is important not only as a content creator but as a business entrepreneur. And there are so many options that would allow for us to have imagery done without breaking the bank. So I'm sharing 5 Tips On How To Create Gorgeous Photo On A Budget.  

1. Write The Vision & Make It Plain. Having a plan is important and there are some things that you should take into account so you are getting the most of your time and so the images will be something that you can use. Angel Santos at Christian Shepreneur Academy said this and I agree. It's important to have an idea of your brand colors, theme and the overall feel that you need for your overall brand to be cohesive. Think about your website, banners, poster, social media images and any other marketing materials. YES, this may be a tedious process but you want your time and efforts to be beneficial.
"Taking pretty pictures that don’t match your style or your existing branding will only cause you or your designer problems later." ~Angel Santos
2. When taking photos for branding and marketing materials always consider what the photos are going to be used for. When taking verticle shots or horizontal shots you want to leave space above your head and on the right or left side of you if it's a horizontal image. This is important because when creating your marketing materials you want space for your text or branded imagery. 

3.  If you don't have a budget or funds are tied up consider trading off services or bring in a buddy for a shoot that may have somewhat of an eye for it.  I'm sure if your buddy has a business also they may need professional images for their brand so take advantage of this moment. You don't necessarily need a professional camera t take nice branded photos but it doesn't hurt. Then hire someone to edit your photos. I edited my own photos but you consider sites like Fiverr where you can get a bulk of photos edited for a low price. 

4. Consider taking your own professional photos. Yes, it comes with a learning curve and strategic planning but sometimes it's easier to just do it yourself because no one understands your vision better than you do and also you don't feel like you're harassing anyone to do that favor for you. 

5. When it comes to choosing a beautiful location you always want to first find out the requirements when shooting in locations and get permission from the managers on site because the last thing you want is to show up and be turned away. if you are a last minute person and by any chance, you are turned away always have a back-up plan. And another thing you should consider is may want to bring a portable light source for that extra support if needed. Keep your photos bright and crisp. 

So it is possible to create gorgeous photos on a budget with the right resources and strategic planning your shoots will definitely be successful. 

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